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If you are or someone you care about is undergoing treatment for cancer, suffers from Alopecia areata, or from thinning hair you understand the emotional effects of these conditions.

Inspirations at christina rae salon • spa is here to help. We provide natural and beautiful products that will improve a client’s outward appearance and help them regain a greater sense of confidence and well-being.

Adjusting Hair

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the inspirations salon offers:

  • Private, personal consultations

  • Customized wigs and products for full or partial hair loss

  • Turbans and scarves

All of our products are customized for you! By starting before hair loss begins we can match your hair color and style, as closely as possible. Even if you've already experienced hair loss we can still assess your needs and help you. We are able to create a hair prosthesis and deliver it as quickly as overnight. Our goal is to help every woman feel like herself. Inspirations offers an adorable line of children's wigs and is expanding in top pieces for various degrees of hair loss. Everything from minor thinning to severe hair loss. Our wigs are expertly made from 100% Remy human hair. We believe in quality, on-trend solutions for our clients’ hair loss and beauty needs.

Christina LePart

Hair loss specialist.
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